[Premium Selected Brand] Sakura Earl Grey Dress Set by Designer Arilf

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Original design by Arilf

Cooperated with Peiliee production studio 

At Peiliee Production Studio, we will only use Faux Fur for fashion productions.

Therefore this set with Peiliee version will be made with white Faux Fur. The styling might be different from the modeling photos of the fur looking.


Sakura Earl Grey, My Lady ( ), It’s tea time now ⏱🛎☕️🍵🍰

We love to experience different fabrics to fit almost all boy types and provide more available outfits for all girls, at the same time be able to do small amount of production to save the environment and provide fair salary trade to our tailors and workers.

Size Guide:
Onesize: Bust: 66-125cm, hips: 76-130cm, dress length: 75-83cm

This knit fabric is soft and skin friendly, at the same time very stretchable and warm colored.

An Autumn/Winter must have!