$49.9 Monthly Lucky Box [No Free Shipping In COVID19 Period]

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Monthly Lucky Box (Please add this item to cart instead of Buy it directly- No return or change or lucky bag items)

Products are carefully selected by heart đź’—

Products can be Limited editions which we only made one and didn’t have time to take photos and upload, or products we are selling on our website 💗

Please comment or email us your Bust, Waist, Hips size, the colors you prefer to have. 
(Please notice the selection may not fits everyone’s imagination, if you are not satisfied with your first month box, please contact us and we can change to other styles for you.

if you have a specific product you would like to have in mind, but guessing maybe or maybe not will receive it in the month box, please purchase that product directly not this month box)

Again, this mystery box is full of surprise, it may not be exactly the product you wanted, but the most fun part is always at the time that you have been waited for it and finally get time to open your Christmas surprise gift!

Cancel At Any Time [By yourself or email us]! 

Order subscription and deliver every 30 days 

$49.9 (Worth $59.9 - $89.9)

Lucky Box Including:

1 x Accessories or Jewelleries 

2 x Outfits (Please leave your size information measured in cm)

For $49,9 lucky bag, it’s the same as another $50 Lucky bag that you may have chance to receive a Liz Lisa product! 
if you receive a Official Liz Lisa product, then the Lucky bag will be only 1 outfit 

 For any questions, please contact us at info@peilieeshop.com

Outfits may include any of our: Dress, Top, Skirt, Lingerie, Jacket...

Accessories may include any of our: socks, sunglasses, bags, scarf, hair accessories, home deco...

Jewelleries may include any of our: earring, ring, necklace, chocker, 925 silver jewlery...