Join our making process!

We want to show our customers how almost every products from us is made!

As you may know our making process is up to 7 days, and that’s because we put so much effort into making our clothes. 

Further down you can see step by step how we work att Peiliee Shops making studio!

(Excludes other cooperated design brands or other Japanese brands)

Here’s our making studio / factory building, located 30 minutes outside Hong Kong. Our lovely store owner Peiliee is born in China but has spent the last 9 years living in Sweden!

The first step it to choose a fabric for our piece! We have all kinds of different fabrics and some of them are so rare they go off the market in a couple of months! 

It’s a real challenge to choose which type we want for each piece, all of them are so pretty… 

This weird looking machine is the printing machine, that’s were we print all cute logos and motives!

Here we have a cute pair of satin pajama shorts that is about to be sewn! We sew very carefully so it’s perfect!

Here we have the pajama shirt which have embroidery on it! 

That’s sewn on with this special super fast machine that can sew almost anything! 

Some products like this lingerie is a little bit tricker to sew. it has to be very precise so the machine doesn’t tear the thin fabrics! 

Here’s the finished lingerie! Isn’t the frills just super cute?

Its time for ”Last looks!” Thats where we check by hand and make changes if we want to! That could be adding or taking away ribbon or cutting it shorter!

Now it’s time to pack everything up and send it to our warehouse were we keep all our items!

And that’s it!  

We hope that you got a better understanding to why our making process is a little bit longer. Thanks for reading!

With Love, 

Peiliee Ge & Sanna Strålman