🌟Brand Collaboration and resell through our platform 🌟

🌟Brand Collaboration and resell through our platform 🌟


Are you a unique and stylish brand looking to expand your reach? PeilieeShop invites you to join our esteemed brand cooperation store since 2015, based in the vibrant city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

At PeilieeShop, we specialize in Asian fashion, encompassing a diverse range of styles such as Harajuku, Dolly kei, Larme kei, Soft Grunge, Soft Girl, coquette core, egirl, ulzzang, cottage core, Barbie core, kawaii, and other niche aesthetics. As an official retailer for many individual designer brands in their early stages, we pride ourselves on buying original productions in large quantities and showcasing them on our online platform and physical pop-up stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Our commitment goes beyond sales – we actively engage in brand promotion and concept introduction through our robust social media presence. Over the years, we've successfully catapulted brands like NoLolita, UNOSA, Rose Island, Arilf, August Unicorn, Le Flacon, and many more into the European market.

🌍 We actively seek brands that share our commitment to eco-conscious practices and contribute to a more ethical fashion industry. Handmade craftsmanship holds a special place in our selection process, as we believe in the value of unique, artisanal creations.

💡 If your brand embodies originality, sustainability, and handmade craftsmanship, we invite you to become part of our curated collection. PeilieeShop is not just a platform; it's a celebration of creativity, authenticity, and the global diversity of handmade fashion. Join us on this journey to make a lasting impact in the world of conscious fashion!

Ready to showcase your brand on a stage that values innovation and ethical practices? Contact us now to explore collaboration opportunities! #PeilieeShop #BrandCollaboration #FashionInnovation


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