Our Story

The Beginning 

In the summer of 2015, I Peilie, started to share my cute styled outfits on instagram. I received many lovely comments from girls that they also wanted to dress this way, but they could not find any store that offered this kind of style with international shipping. The many different styles that have grown big in Japan such as, Larme Kei and Fairy Kei are very limited outside of Japan.

A question crossed my mind; Could I open a web store which offers this cute style of clothing to fashion enthusiast all around the world? Time went by and I finally managed to make my very own web store, www.peiliee.com. The store was almost completely pink and I was so proud.

A lovely autumn day at the end of October 2015 I registered Peiliee AB (Co.,Ltd) in Gothenburg, Sweden. In November we received our first order, and after all the taxes and shipping fees I didn't even make enough money to buy myself a cup of coffee.

I started an instagram business account, and tried to promote my store as much as possible, it was not as successful as I thought it would be. No other online store wanted to cooperate and we didn't have many followers. When I started this store, I was still in school full time and also had a part time job to cover up all the expenses to keep the online store running. The stress got to me and I felt like giving up…

I shared my thoughts on my personal instagram account, explaining how much I wanted to make this work and how I put my heart into this project. But I couldn't take it anymore, after everything I've done and with no success I wanted to quit. I was doing the work of 10 people on my own, it was hard... A love bomb, exploded in the comments, so many girls showed their support and love, they said I could do it and those comments gave me the strength to continue. I will never forget their names.

Soon enough things took a turn for the best. Sales vent up, our instagram account exploded with followers and likes. More and more people found the shop and they loved it. We started to get corporations with different designers, all my hard work finally paid up. I want to continue to expand, inspire more people and make a brand that people will remember, Peiliee.