[Runway Couture] Little Black Dress

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From Shanghai Fashion Week

Designer Brand:

Mari Posa

Runway collection 

Customized to All Sizes 

1-month hand-making time 

Mariposa´s clothes are truly handmade with high quality fabric.

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 🦋 About the designer 

Zhu Chundie, born in 1999, is a fashion designer and young artist who pursues alternative beauty. Founder of independent clothing brand "Mariposa.D". a new option for fashion lovers looking for a unique and exciting personality. Her work includes "Sakura tide," "tenderness," "A Lonely Enigma," and "Water Tu," and so on. Painting to express love for abstraction through the expression of the dresses. 

Mariposa uses complex drape structure design and deconstruction elements, as she pays attention to the clothing silhouette and tailoring. She dominates traditional fashion design with drape and three-dimensional deconstructed geometric patterns, asymmetrical overlapping, innovative tailoring with neat lines and somber tones of black and withes to present an ideological aesthetic.

🦋 About the brand 

"Mariposa" in Mariposa.D means "butterfly" in Spanish, which is related to the word "butterfly" in the name of the designer "Zhu Chundie".
At the same time, "D" is the abbreviation of the last letter of the designer's name. Mariposa.D is abbreviated as "MD". It is currently divided into two brand branches, "Mariposa.D" and "Mariposa.d", which are equivalent to the combination of customized clothing and daily styles.

Mariposa.D is an original niche luxury brand, and the creation of his own independent brand is the designer Zhu Chundie’s childhood The dream.

The brand uses complex fold structure design and deconstruction elements. At the same time, it pays attention to clothing silhouette and tailoring.

The unique design style builds up a girl’s childhood dream. It is hailed as an "alternative designer" by the clothing industry. Her design is just like The name, independence, self-assertion-freedom like a butterfly. She combines traditional clothing design with clothing folds and three-dimensional deconstructed geometric patterns, asymmetric overlapping innovative tailoring, plus clean lines and black and white melancholic tones, combined with creativity , Presenting an ideological beauty.