[Premium Selected] The Blooming Angel Elisabeth Lace Dress (Designer Arilf)

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Designer & model: Arilf Rose

Produced by Arilf Studio

Welcome to the Arilf Fairy Garden

I’m the flower blooming angel to welcome you 🌸

Hope you enjoy wearing our fairy and pretty dress

Size Guide:

S: High waist: 68cm, bust: 84cm, total length: 86cm

M:  High waist: 72cm, bust: 88cm, total length: 88cm

L:  High waist: 76cm, bust: 92cm, total length: 90cm


—— For curve sizes up to XXXXXXL—— 
PLEASE READ ‼️‼️‼️ For this product, curve sizes orders need at least 50 orders to start making  for ethical reasons and environmental friendly production process!

Means that if you ordered curve size and if in total we didn’t receive 50 orders, then we will keep waiting until we received 50 orders of each size to start making process!
This can take longer than 6 months, please be aware. 


XL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 105-110cm, waist: 80-100cm (stretchable)

XXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 110-115cm, waist: 90-110cm (stretchable)

XXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 115-120cm, waist: 100-120cm (stretchable)

XXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 125-130cm, waist: 110-130cm (stretchable)

XXXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 135-140cm, waist: 120-140cm (stretchable)

XXXXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 145-150, waist: 130-150cm (stretchable)


New Tailor Custom Making is now available ✨ Please email us your size for your custom making order. Making time 1 month. We will inform you later if there will be extra fabric needed for extra payment ✨

(Custom making is higher cost as you hire a personal tailor, the price including fabric costs, printing cost, sample making cost, 20 years experiences tailor exclusive hand sewing process, tailor working hour