[Premium Selected] My Golden Days Vintage Antique Edwardian Soft Pink Dress Set

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Love, is like a dream

I remember the first time walking by the Seine, the sunset was reflected in the lake.

Reminds me of you
I really wish the time could go back, let me have enough time to find the original us..

I heard the story of princess Sissi earlier in her palace, and I was moved by it. J.Yan was inspired by the story and the Austria vintage design, she designed this Edwards dress. 

[Limited Amount Handmade Only]
J.Yan used transparent sakura colored Cotton yarn as the first layer. Then she added pastel snow lace yarn like an angel shell.

Decorated with Princess kissed roses under moonlight on the front of the dress to make the last tough of this piece of art. 

She cut 40 pieces of small fabrics to sue up the dress, double layered design. High quality fabric used for extra love and care which you can feel from your soft skin. 

Due to the long process of making this dress, we will only make 10 pieces of this dress until the end of April. Then we will not produce anymore of this dress 🌸👼🏻

The inner dress used new fabric technology for softer tough with Lenzing Modal. An all-natural cellulose fiber made from beech wood. With softer and more comfy skin friendly feeling. 💕

(With a history of more than 80 years, the Lenzing Group is the world's largest producer of cellulose fibers. This time, we brought TENCEL™, our fiber brand, to express our true attitude towards environmental protection with the "Seventh Plant Sense". TENCEL™ fiber material is derived from wood sources and can be biodegraded and composted in industrial, household, soil and marine environments. The solution spinning process converts wood pulp into cellulose fibers. The water and solution with a recovery rate of 99% are continuously recycled, which is taken from nature and returns to nature.)

Size Guide:

S: Bust: 98cm, total length: 114cm, waist: 56-76cm

M:  Bust: 102cm, total length: 116cm, waist: 64-80cm

L:  Bust: 108cm, total length: 118cm, waist: 72-84cm

Dress set including inner dress + outer dress