Floral Garden cotton shirt


Size Guide:

Bust: 80-90cm, length: 45cm, shoulder: 33cm 

65% cotton, 35% polyester

Brand: RIBERRY, Photos by Peiliee Co.,ltd 

Because each person's measurement method may be different/the product may be elastic, etc., the page data cannot be completely accurate and there may be an error of 1-3cm.

Please notice each ribbon on this top might be different 

After the fabric is pre-shrunk, the shrinkage rate of 3%-5% after washing is generally in line with the standard. Improper washing methods such as hot water washing/long soaking/special detergents/drying may cause greater shrinkage.

Disadvantages of cotton fabric: 
Not wrinkle-resistant and not deformable are the inherent disadvantages of cotton. Generally, the higher percentage the cotton content, the more obvious the disadvantages. Please take good care of it when washing and drying it. Cotton products need to be taken care of, and they are better to wear after ironing.

Introducing Riberry, a brand with a focus on girlish designs in Dolly kei, coquette, cottage, and larme kei styles. Available at PeilieeShop, Riberry caters to teenage girls with a  skin-friendly fabrics in its extensive manufacturing process to maintain affordable prices without compromising quality.

We are not responsible for product damage caused by use or washing.


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