Apply For Salesman (Peiliee Affiliateship)

If you are a student or want to have part time job working from home, you are more than welcome to join Peiliee Family and working with us!

Simple And Fun

How to apply for salesman job (Peiliee Affiliateship):

1. Go to our affiliate commission applying page:

2. Fill in the application and send in

3. We will check your application and then confirm or reject this application (takes 7-10 Busniess days)

4. You will receive 5% cash payment via PayPal for each order you made with your own url link (The link that you can promote for our store, you can place this link to your social media account and blog pages)

5. The more sales you make in feature, the higher percentage payment you will receive

6. We are going to have a team with Max 30 salesman, at the end of each month, we are going to review your orders and if you have made more sales than average, we are going to increase your percentage and give you extra bonus. The payment will be sent out in the end of each month to the PayPal address you left.

7. If you didn't make any sale during the month and if we have received more applications, we will consider to hire another applicant to take your place. You can of course apply again in feature.

8. You will be able to check the orders you made and the payment you will receive in the dashboard of the application site

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Here are some tips of how to make more sales with your account:

How to get more sales for Peiliee Shop

When you get your Peiliee Affiliate link in your dashboard, you can then place it on Instagram page, Facebook, twitter and blog pages. - This is the easiest way to start promoting our website, make sales and get your pay check. 

However, Facebook is trying to keep sales related posts out of the news feed so if you post an affiliate link directly to Facebook it will not preview properly.

Even on social media sites like Twitter you will get poor results if you don’t promote your affiliate link properly.

Here are some ideas of how to improve your sales with us:

1. Deliver Excellent Quality Content First

Instead of constantly promoting the product itself, start by creating and sharing great content that your audience will enjoy.

You can get great results by delivering compelling content and then promoting your affiliate link at the end of your content.

If you bought our product already, it will be great to wear it and make review posts to let others' know about your lovely experience with us, once someone is on your site they should have the opportunity to take your recommendations. 

2. Link Images of the Product You are Promoting

Images attract clicks.

Take the photos of our products from our page or by your own, and then link that picture to the page with your affiliate link.

3. Only Promote High Quality Offers

Post your affiliate link with social media is much better all around when you promote a quality offer.

It's a win-win solution. 

The customers will win by getting an awesome deal on a powerful product or discount event or your personal code with 10% off.

You will also win by get a healthy commission for sending the traffic and referring the sales by getting cash payment from us.

For more informations or training you would like to have, please search online for: Learn How To Make Money as An Affiliate