About Delivery

Emergency Notice

Due to Canada's new law of custom tax, we cannot provide Tax Free Line to Canada anymore. For more information, please contact us at info@peilieeshop.com

3 Global Warehouses

China, Hongkong, Sweden

China Warehouse: To keep the shipping cost low with efficient speed and tracking number, we ship most of the products directly from our making studio to our warehouse and to your home 

Standard Delivery (By Air Mail, shipping time during the airplane usually only takes 2-3 days, but checking in both Countries' custom takes around 5-7 days at each country):

USA: 7-15 Days

EU: 10 - 25 Days

Asia: 3-10 Days

Australia, Canada, New Zealand: 15 - 30 Days

Other countries: 15 - 50 Days 

All packages are with registered tracking number and you can choose to add insurances or not (Normally costs only $2 - $5)

For you who lives in EU, if you have special requires that you want your package shipped from Sweden, its of course no problem, but you will be charged extra +25% Swedish Tax on the products and + 20% shipping fee by Swedish post office

HongKong Warehouse: For Special Beauty products and custom orders (ex. Sailor-moon Makeup, Japanese brands)

Sweden Warehouse: Please check the Collection "Free Shipping Inside Sweden", all products are shipping directly within Sweden by PostNord with 1-5 days Free shipping without tracking numbers.

It's also possible to ship all products located in our Sweden warehouse to the rest of the world, but for tracking number, you need to pay +$20 for each package, shipping by Swedish Royal Post Office with 1-5 working days

Japan warehouse is currently closed, if there are more requires coming up in feature, we can plan to open it again.

For buying Japanese local brands , we provide Peiliee.tenso servers. For this service, you will have a local shopping assistant from us to help you buy from Japan, with photos in the store and local prices with receipt. We will charge the service fee (Around $5-$20, depending on the real situation of the product)

For more details, please email us at info@PeilieeShop.com


Return & Change

Due to the separate warehouse system, we do not offer Free Return. 

We have a quality team in the warehouse checking the quality of your order when its finished making from our making studio and during packing time.

We will double make sure there is no quality issue with your order before we pack them and send to you.

For Online Shopping, there is always as issue with color difference in real life than you see though the screen, before you make the purchase, we also suggest you to check our customer review page and our Instagram (@PeilieeShop) that you can see if the product color is matching our web photos. We try to keep the product color as natural as possible by taking the photo in the normal daily light.

If the package was damaged during the transportation, please take a photo before you open the package! And if any products are damaged, please also take photos and send to us. We will try our best to help you out with this.

If the products you received are with wrong color or size as you ordered, please take a photo and send to our email address, we will also come back to you with the best sulotion. 

If your package got lost on the way, after 2 month you haven't received any of your order, and we cannot find it in our system, it will mark as lost. We need a prove from your local post office saying that you haven't received any packages from our sending address within this time period, and we will fully refund your order price (not shipping price). If you bought insurance, we will fully refund your order (Refund process might take up to 20 days for proving and also due to our company financing). 

If you didn't pick up your package within 20 days and the package got returned, we will not refund your order. 

Usually the post office will always send a pick up notice to your address for large package which they can't delivery or if you are on vacation. After 20 waiting days, if your package is returned by post office, then it will either get destroyed or become an unregistered package on the way back. Since no one is paying for the return, it might get lost on the way back or destroyed by the custom. 

If we lucky received your return package, we will email you and ask if you would like to pay for the shipping fee again to get your order or not. 

In the last 2 years, we have shipped over thousands of packages, but there are only few packages went lost due to the custom or undelivered address.

We recommend you to double check the address you filled out for your order, make sure you will be at this address in the next coming month.