[Exclusive to PeilieeShop] NOLOLITA Cicada pupa in the air dress

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Please Steam the dress before wearing (for a better shape looking) ūüíē

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Brand Story:

NOLOLITA is a way of Rejection. For NOLOLITA, the true lolita girl spirit is a kind of braveness and innocent self regardless of time. You don't know what the future is, but we want to refuse to be defined and refuse to be rigid. Because the real lolita is NOLOLITA.


XS: length: 82cm,  bust: 84cm,  waist: 82cm,  sleeve length: 22cm,  hips: no limits 

S: length: 84cm,  bust: 88cm,  waist: 86cm,  sleeve length: 23cm,  hips: no limits 

M: length: 87cm,  bust: 92cm,  waist: 90cm,  sleeve length: 24cm,  hips: no limits 

L: length: 91cm,  bust: 96cm,  waist: 94cm,  sleeve length: 25cm,  hips: no limits 

XL: length: 92cm, bust: 100cm (please be aware that your bra will take 1-2cm away from the bust measurements), waist: 96cm, sleeve: 26cm, hips: no limits 

length: 91cm,  bust: 96cm,  waist: 94cm,  sleeve length: 25cm,  hips: no limits 

To have more comfortable wear, please don’t select the size at maximum fitting limit. For example if your bust size is 88cm, and S size bust is up to 88cm at the maximum fitting limit, please take M size for comfortable fitting.