[Tailor HandMade] Dolly Me Custom Making with plus size - inspired by 1997 Lolita Movie

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tailor made orders need at least 30 days making time, NO RUSH ORDERS please! Any customized orders cannot be canceled during making process! 

with 100% Handmade process

S/M/L sizes are not available anymore in future 

Please send your sizes with order number to us for customized tailor making 

Making Time 20 days!!

The price is counted with Fabric + Tailor making hours, with extra sizes, there will be extra fee charged for extra fabric production 

Please measure your Bust, Waist, Hips size in centimeters and leave your size information in your order comment 💗 

Dolly Me Dress Set
Inspirited by the Lolita movie

We received some feedback from customers that they don’t like the fabric of this set, we are really sorry for this. This set is originally from Lolita movie, we don’t know what’s the original fabric is like. There is a girl in our studio English named Marilyn who is falling in love with this set style and would love to make the outfit like the Lolita girl had in the movie. We had discussion about fabric, style and sizing before. This ribbon print which is very unique and there is no exact fabric with this print in the market, therefore we need to print the fabric by ourselves. 

We have made the print on the computer and tried to print this pattern on different fabrics to see how it can turn out. We have tried washing test after different type of fabrics see which color stay the best after hand wash process and combined with shaping style. From the movie you can see the style of this dress set that the fabric is straight, thin and hard shaping. Which this style can be very limited for fabric selecting, for example cotton is comfortable fabric but it’s very soft, it won’t give a good result of the styling.

In the end we selected this fabric for producing and our store owner @peiliee has tested this set as well.

Some Swedish customers might seen her in Pop up events in Gothenburg Confusion wearing this set for promotion 💗

Her size is Bust/Waist/Hips: 90(with Bra on) 88(without bra)/70/90cm, tall: 162cm, weight: 52kg

Fiting feeling: Top is very short for her, and perfect when not wearing inner bra, but it will be too small with bra on. Waist is fitting perfect. 

Why we make the top very short: to try to stay on the style that the original movie has. Lolita’s Set is very short on the top and with a extra white shoulder cover.

Fabric: Polyester 

We will stop making this set when the last stocks are sold out.  Due to the limitation of fabric selection and it’s hard to fit everyone’s needs. 

The lovely vintage dolly set with hairband, shoulder collar, top and skirt
You are always my Lolita 🎀 - from Lolita movie
​Size Guide: 
S: Top Length: 30cm, Skirt Length: 38.5cm, Bust: 86cm, Waist: 53-90cm
M:  Top Length: 31cm, Skirt Length: 39.5cm, Bust: 90cm, Waist: 57-94cm

L: Top Length: 32cm, Skirt Length: 40.5cm, Bust: 95cm, Waist: 65-100cm

If you have questions with size fitting, please email us before your purchase, thank you!

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