Start Your Own Busniess With Us

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Peiliee B2B Platform.

Our Mission is to:

Help self-retailer running a profitable self-driving sideline business besides their daily job or daily study.

Use a successful example of how our store owner Peiliee started her business during university life and what difficulties she overcome and drive the business grow after her MBA. 


   Want to start a sideline business while keeping your current job or study?
    Want to have plan B for your life in case you are not satisfied with your current work or after your graduate?
         Want to start a sideline business but don’t have enough time for it or a good idea or lack of experience and resources for supply chain management? Don't know how to do SEO and marketing in a high efficient way?

Don’t worry, we are here to support you!

We provide you all solutions in 1 for support your idea to reality! 

Doing only Instagram promotion is very very limited, only select products from Alibaba is not a long time plan for building a trustworthy unique brand and compete with other similar brands.

To start a sideline business with us requires Low financial requirements, and less time than you need compare to other startup companies.

The best part is that you will get additional income on top of the employment earnings or get extra income besides your study and be the superstar among your friends! You don't even need to hire any employees!

We will help you with customised supply chain management (you are able to make your own design with our making studio, we have professional 10-20 years experienced tailors, quality fabric supplier from Korea, Japan and China, professional fabric printing machine and so).

We will also help you with SEO, Google PageRank, company register in EU, SKU Warehouse management, 5 different logistic lines to over 100 countries in the world. Lovely models and professional photographers.

Simply start off by dropping us an email with few lines explain your ideas and we are ready to help!



Our Expertise


Experienced tailor and qualified manufacture studios in China for produce your own design. Not only for outfits, also for sunglasses manufacture with your own logo and design and more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get higher PageRank on Google search with our techniques and drive quality website traffic from other websites to your website. 


Drop Shipping

Buy products from any supplier and resell with our drop shipping solution. This means you don't need to buy in a huge amount of products and store in warehouse which may gives you pressure of selling them. Instead, we can help you ship orders directly to customers when you receive an order.