This Particular Time COVID-19 
How do we manage production at this particular time? 🌸🐇

Please join our making process for one of our best sold dress
designed by Peiliee

Most of our tailors are 10-15 years experienced tailors in making woman apparel products;
we take good care of all customer orders as much as we take care of our studio workers.

During this particular time, our studio workers are protected with medical one-time use face-masks,
only a maximum of three workers at a time, with their own working bench.
Alcohol hand cleaner used before start working.
We do a temperature check in the morning and afternoon

We are still a small startup studio with a focus on a small amount of production;
due to this particular time, the making process will be delayed, but we are working on it! 
If you are an individual designer and would like to find a manufacturing studio for product production,
please contact us via business@peilieeshop.com
Stay home and stay safe!
Thank you again for all your support and understanding during this special time!
Lots of loves and hugs from Peiliee production studio team .