8 Years Anniversary Celebration Plan

🌟 PeilieeShop 8th Anniversary 8-Days Celebration Plan 🌟
**11-19 Giveaway**
Participate in our Instagram giveaway by posting a product picture from PeilieeShop.com, tagging us, and using the hashtag #peilieeshop8years for a chance to win the featured product on November 27th.
**11-20 Day 1: Mystery Gift Monday**
Every order over $30 includes a complimentary mystery Christmas gift, expressing our gratitude for your continued support.
**11-21 Day 2: Thankful Tuesday**
Enjoy double points on all purchases made today, translating to a generous 20% cash back for each order—a token of appreciation for our valued customers.
**11-22 Day 3: Flashback Wednesday**
Exclusive Half Price Christmas Outfits await our shop members, a nostalgic journey with holiday look.
**11-23 Day 4: Give Back Thursday**
Indulge in a remarkable 35% Cash Back on Gift Cards—an expression of gratitude that extends beyond the initial purchase.
**11-24 Day 5: PeilieeShop Anniversary Friday**
Celebrate with us as 800 Points ($8) are sent to all shop members—a small gesture to celebrate our special day 💞
**11-25 Day 6: Saturday Surprises**
Discover the excitement of Lucky Bags for $1 and $8 (limited amount) adding an element of delight to your Saturday shopping experience.
**11-26 Day 7: Anniversary Finale**
Seize the opportunity to win a Free Order! We'll randomly select one order for a full refund cash back, encompassing all orders with our exclusive anniversary gift.
**11-27 Day 8: Instagram Giveaway Announcement**
Stay tuned for the Instagram Giveaway results—an exciting conclusion to our 8-day celebration. All events are valid for 24 hours, ensuring an unforgettable and time-sensitive experience for our esteemed customers.
✨Happy PeilieeShop 8 years anniversary ✨