[Premium Selected] Downton Abbey Floral Princess Dress

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"Downton Abbey"

The soft beige apricot dress shows elegance and artistic sense.

It not only makes the senses comfortable but also reveals the elegance of the British royal aristocracy.

This dress is worthy of a heartthrob~

Oh ~ and the oil painting-styled floral patterns have a retro texture.

The layout design of this piece wants to retain the ceremonial manor style.

The upper body is made of a lace collar, high waist section, and the lower body is made of a double-layer skirt.

In addition to showing the waist shape, the chest and hips are all loosely treated.

Wearing comfortably and relaxedly, it also highlights the thin waist.

The skirt is knee-length and very elegant. The double dress will not look good if it is short.

The skirt's suspender design also has detailed features, with lace edges added, and thin shoulder straps can make people feel refreshed and thin.

The fabric's material exhibits a natural luster under the light, creamy, delicate, and high-quality.


Size guide (provided by the original brand )

S: length: 65cm, shoulder strape length: 35cm, bust: 85cm, high waist: 68cm, 

M: length: 66cm, shoulder strape length: 35cm, bust: 89cm, high waist: 72cm, 

L: length: 67cm, shoulder strape length: 35cm, bust: 93cm, high waist: 76cm,