[Pre-order Peiliee Design] Cherie Rose dress

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Original design by Peiliee, inspired from the vintage princess nightgown 

The photo shows the first sample dress from our design Prototype. We are not 100% satisfied with the pink lace color, and we will buy the original white lace fabric and color it ourselves to soft pink color. 
We made two layers with an inner layer and outer lace layer, so the dress is not see through 💖

2021 Rose Garden Corset Dress version - Cherie  Rose 

“Last night I met a fairy at my rose garden,

I always write my dream done every morning when I wake up, and I love how I took an adventure in my dreamland, 

and I sometimes mix my goal with daily memory, 

I like this half dream half reality world.” 


We are still looking for suitable rose lace fabrics for the dress and soft yarn, inner skin-friendly fabrics. 
This dress will be 100% h by Peiliee studio, quality guaranteed by us.

The size will be updated later, and the pre-order price will be less than final price! 

Size Guide:

S: bust: 82cm, waist: 70cm, hips: 85cm

M: bust: 88cm, waist: 76cm, hips: 90cm

L:  bust: 92cm, waist: 80cm, hips: 98cm

XL:  bust: 100cm, waist: 88cm, hips: 105cm