Garden dream early autumn floral sweet tea mini dress (designer Arilf)

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Designer & Model by Arilf

Produced by Arilf Studio

Welcome to Arilf fairy afternoon tea garden

I’m the little floral fairy to welcome you 🌸💕

Hope you enjoy wearing our vintage bodycon puff sleeves dress

Fabric: Chiffon 

Size Guide:

XS: total length: 79cm, bust: 78cm, adjustable on the front side, High waist: 61cm,

adjustable on the back side, hips: 90cm

S: total length: 80cm, bust: 82cm, 

adjustable on the front side, high waist: 65cm, 

adjustable on the back side,  hips: 94cm

M: total length: 81cm, bust: 86cm,

adjustable on the front side, high waist: 69cm, 

adjustable on the back side,  hips: 98cm

L: total length: 82cm, bust: 90cm,

adjustable on the front side, high waist: 73cm,

adjustable on the back side, hips: 102cm



—— For curve sizes up to XXXXXXL—— 
PLEASE READ ‼️‼️‼️ For this product, curve sizes orders need at least 20 orders to start making  for ethical reasons and environmental friendly production process!

Means that if you ordered curve size and if in total we didn’t receive 20 orders, then we will keep waiting until we received 50 orders of each size to start making process!
This can take longer than 6 months, please be aware. ]


XL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 110cm, high waist: 93cm

XXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 114cm, high waist: 97cm

XXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 118cm, high waist: 101cm

XXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 124cm, high waist: 105cm

XXXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 128cm, waist: 109cm

XXXXXXL: Total length: 86cm, Bust: 140cm, waist: 130cm